“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,

It's about learning to dance in the rain”

I’m on summer break and I am still super busy. I am working at Dunkin again, and I am doing research with a professor at school. Plus I have to make time for my family, friends, and boyfriend. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to have one day a month to myself

HOLY SHIT!! This is amazing!<3

I thought I was doomed forever and I would never get an internship (which is pretty imperative to get a job when I graduate) because of my low GPA. BUT, I talked to one of my professors from freshman year, that I was supposed to do research with my sophomore year and also the academic advisor for the Engineer in Medicine and Biology Society that I am activities director for, about a possible research opportunity over the summer. He said he has no way to compensate me for my work since he has already filled the paid positions and give out all the scholarships, but he said he can still give me a project to work on this summer!! This is exactly what I need for my resume. Practice application experience will make it easier to get a paid internship next summer, and companies are more likely to over look my low GPA because of the experience. 

AND! I have the most amazing sister in the whole wide world! She asked one of her ex-boyfriends to pass my e-mail address along to his dad, who is a Biomedical Engineer, and he said he will! His dad has done some amazing research with bionics and prosthetics, which is what I want to get into!!

It looks like I will have a future as a Biomedical Engineer! AHHH! :D